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Topic: Re:NLP & statistics
Posted by: Patrick E.C. Merlevede, MSc. (
Date/Time: 09/02/2003 12:10:24

Sorry I left a "unaswerd mail" - I didn't feel there really was a question, but I want to reply anyway, especially since john Grinder replies to you he has a similar response to yours.

you wrote:
"if you do that then once it jumps through all of sciences hoops the field will come out mutated into something other that what the field really is"

That's not what I think.  For me NLP style modeling (2nd position + analytical modeling combined) based on 3 examplars may result in a "pattern" in NLP-speak, but it only delivers a "hypothesis" from a "scientific map of the world" (whether it is psychology, sociology or medicine).  According to my experience, if such a "hypothesis" (NLP model) is valid, it shouldn't be too difficult to do a more extensive follow up study (which is where the statistics come in).

In other words: the NLP modeling remains the same (I reframe is as great "hypothesis formulating tools", I only add parts after it (where most NLPers tend to stop).  By adding these extensions (and using statistics) where most NLP projects now end, you can gain scientific credibility.

That's where it stops for me as far as NLP is concerned.  For jobEQ we went farther (but I'm not calling that "NLP") - we found we just need to ask 3 "exemplars" to fill out an iWAM questionnaire (+ 3 counter examples) and find useful distinctions (which can be validated doing "NLP-style" meta-progarm elicitation).  Personally, I couldn't care less that that application won't be considered NLP - I won't sell anything more if it would (given NLP'es current reputation, you'll notice that the word NLP is almost absent from the entire jobEQ website - we felt it was better not to be assocated with NLP, and won't mention NLP unless we notice that the customer has a postive experience with NLP)


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