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Topic: Re:Corporate NLP but sales.part 2
Posted by: Michael Carroll
Date/Time: 18/07/2002 03:51:56

KC, here’s part 2 regarding your statement referring to NLP often being rejected by corporations.

I can only speak of my own experiences of the corporate world in the UK and observations of the little I know about corporate world in the USA and other countries,  and observations of the little I know about USA colleagues’ corporate work.

Your statement “often being rejected by corporations”  contains a big deletion, i.e.-that not all corporations  reject NLP, and the companies that do reject NLP are only often doing so, and therefore sometimes do not reject NLP.We could go onto discuss which corporations do reject NLP, and when don’t they,  and which corporations accept and utilise NLP in their training programmes, and how do these corporations utilise NLP and what results are they getting when they do. As we (the contributors) of this forum may breach the confidentiality of clients  – we will have to be careful here.

A Corporation cannot technically reject or accept NLP, only a person or group of people (units) who work within an organisation can decide to reject or accept a proposal from another person to introduce NLP principals into the organisation.

My experience of people in corporate world harnessing NLP is very different from yours. I run my own company called the NLP Academy. In my experience in dealing in the corporate world I have NEVER been in a situation where a potential corporate client rejected the validity of NLP application or modelling as way to meet the training objective being discussed when I have presented it. Naturally I only present ideas to clients’ that I am congruent will meet their objective.  I usually deal with people at board level. They don’t always buy my proposal, but is never rejected for the reason it’s NLP. There are cases where a client has rejected NLP when some one else has presented it, and then have entered into a business relationship with my company.  There are occasions when people within the company (other than the person who hired me) reject the validity of NLP either before or during the NLP project.  I have no issues with these people and enjoy working with them, in most cases they end up enjoying the work or the results of the work.

My company trains sales, marketing, presenting, negotiating, photoreading in corporations. We also do coaching & consulting As my company is called The NLP Academy, all the programmes I run explicitly contain NLP. From where I sit there is a big call for NLP Training in the corporate world and I have many colleagues who work in the global corporate market using NLP tools.

Carmen and John’s company, Quantum Leap specialises in corporate training and consulting.  They seem very busy. There are also other high profile and not so high profile NLP trainers working very successfully in the corporate world.

If you think about it, if an NLP trained person uses NLP to sell and demonstrate the effectiveness of NLP, how could a company reject NLP as a highly effective technology for training people to be more effective? The application is vast. I have named just a few areas above where I train NLP application skills. There is also modelling. What company would not benefit from the idea of unpacking top performers’ tacit knowledge into an explicit package for others to learn from.

To echo John and Carmen’s point in Whispering. Most training courses in the corporate world contain elements of NLP within them. The learners and sometimes the trainers do not even know what they are using has NLP roots. Examples of this are rapport through pacing, representing systems, and precision model.

There are some of my thoughts, observations and experiences of the NLP in the corporate world. This seems different from your experience and I wanted to present an alterantive perspective here. None of the above answers the “how”!  I am happy to get into the specifics of models and applications. 


Michael Carroll

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