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Posted by: kc
Date/Time: 04/08/2002 10:28:12

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Michael Carroll

Thank you for your well thought out reply here  Michael. Let me run something by you now.

Lets make a short listing and unpack your last paragraph because you sent me back alot of information here.

Michael you recommend for me to precede to model sales managers by
1. finding xcellent people who are obviously high performers
2. Then I model them
3. Then I use a matrix
4. Then I mark out discrete distinctions that are similiar in all the best performers.
5. Then I procede to calibrate, build, develop and refine my matrix to design a sales manger model
6. Then I begin to find new sales people who can fit my sales manger model and transfer cognitive linguistic and behaviralt skills and replicate my model

I hope you don't mind a few questions below Michael.

My first thought
Michael where does my modeling this sales manager begin? Do I just try on the identified "models" behavior" first and mimic him? Is that my first step in modeling? Specifically modeling the modeling source ?

My second thought
How do I define or decide on what sales manager distinctions I am marking out? My first thought would be to calibrate the sources meta programs Ie. moving away, moving towards, matching and mismatching, sorting by self or sorting by others.  How would you start?

My third thought Michael
How do I build my modeling matrix?

In other words I see this design phase as the first phase of my model building but I am not sure specifically how to procede building the first phase which I must do before I go to the second phase which to me is having a solid matrix that gives me the ability to find and recruit new sales mangers.

Can you be more specific with my above thoughts/questions.

I hope everything is going well Michael

all regards,

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