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Topic: Re:Re:Corporate NLP and sales
Posted by: Michael Carroll
Date/Time: 22/07/2002 01:48:28


Great questions and they deserve a longer response than I am able to give at this moment. In fact the full  reply is in a book I am working on.

Here goes in short, I have typed my replies  below your questions.

"How do I build a highly efficient sale force using NLP applications and models?"

If you are starting from scratch, it's all about recruiting the right people. I would find top people in your business and through modelling seek out the patterns of these people and design an ideal model based on the ideal "fictional”  sales person for your business.

In general I have observed the following traits in TOP sales people.

1. Are focussed and single minded
2. Follow procedures if the procedure is proven effective. They are usually good modellers, if the procedural model works, they will follow it.They will tweak the procedure based on their own discoveries.
3. Are strong willed enough to realise when to be flexible and change approach even if it means breaking the procedure to get a positive outcome.
4. Respond to targets and are highly competitive
5. Are motivated by personal achievement and have goals outside of work.

All of the above are gross generalisations, and there will be many exceptions. 

"What applications would I introduce to help my company peers teach others to sell more bank financing to their customers?"

Find the best there is, and teach what he/she does. Find other top performers and compare to see if there are similarities.

"What models and NLP aplications Michael
would YOU start with if you where me working as me inside my company?"

I have developed a sales model that I developed using an NLP change template. I will post this model in this forum early next week.



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