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Topic: ReRe:Re:Re:Corporate NLP and sales
Posted by: kc
Date/Time: 22/07/2002 13:59:21

Michael your a good man.


Let me consider today how-what to contribute to you and this post also. Likeyou Michael I am staying on a path to build,model and replicate other sales peoples behaviors. Of course in my particular company I was the highest volme producer last year so one might say why would KC be looking to build more skills and a more efficient sales model for himself and others within his company or with the other 60 companies he works with
especially when he has been very successful in his field of sales and KC is not in charge of all the other sales managers,people or companies?

Michael the funny thing about your posting for me is your general response does remind me again that your/my thinking of the future utilization of NLP and modeling towards my/our future sales success is on the right track.

Michael I have advised my boss who is a sales Sr. Vice President generally towards most of all the generalsensations that you have described in your posting previously and my perceptions are informally working but my frustration today is
Bruce our VP has (corporate way) always taken most credit for all of our past years sales success's as he probally should. I can only bet Bruce will be coming back to me in our Texas meeting looking again for more free information on how to build a more successful sales model within his sales force and I utilize my new oppurtunity with Bruce and my peers differently this time.

Should I sit back and watch or participate?

very interesting workings Michael 

absolute regards,

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