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Topic: reply to Jon
Posted by: Michael Carroll
Date/Time: 18/07/2002 04:30:46

This post is a personal post, and not a post as my role in the forum as web master.


Your post fascinated me, I have cut and posted portions of your text and written my thoughts underneath.

“ I think you are barking up the wrong tree KC”

Maybe we are all barking mad, what a thought

“sales people is that they are very self centered and unchange-able.”

An interesting assumption, how many sales people do you know? Milton would have loved to meet the unchangeable ones you refer to? BTW I am not in agreement with your statement.

“Our girls and guys stick to their company format and do not deviate and change from their company trained sales tatics. They do not question the system taught to them!”

What would happen if…… the sales model was an NLP based model that was hugely successful, and all guys and girls stuck rigidly to it and getting hugely successful results for themselves (after all they are selfish) and the company benefits enormously.

“KC where and how would NLP fit in to this type of enviorment of ours. It does not!”

How do you know what type of environment KC operates in and whether NLP fits into his environment or not?

“ I understand your frustration KC. NLP does not fit in with most corporations my friend.”

Can you tell me how you understand KC’s frustration. His post was 6 lines long? In fact he/she never even mentioned frustration.

“Besides KC is this post at all interested in sales? I would say therapy here would be a better topic to expand on! Just a thought KC!”

If you are interested in NLP therapy, here’s a question for you:

If an NLP therapist was working with a client who had a specific issue he/she was working through,  what feedback would you give the NLP therapist who says I am not interested in your issue, lets work on something else that interests me?

Just a thought


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